Lou McDermott
Vice President


Lou McDermott joined Kalil & Co., Inc. in 2002 as a media broker. He holds a degree in Political Science, with a minor in Creative Writing, from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Prior to joining Kalil & Co., Inc., Lou held marketing positions at Netscape/AOL and Sun Microsystems, both in California.

Lou McDermott prides himself on always being available. He is tenacious in his desire to super serve the client, clearly going above and beyond every step of the way. He is an excellent communicator who is more than willing to talk business at any time (day or night), because he truly believes that the needs of our clients come first. He also knows the industry inside out.

Lou is a music lover (as long as he can still hear his cell phone), loves to hike (in an area where he can get cell coverage), and is an expert in history/current affairs.

Frank Higney says this about Lou:

No one is more loyal and dogged in pursuit of his clients’ interests than Lou. He will go through a wall for them.